Test Prep.

Which of the fol­low­ing is not an endocrine gland?

Can­cer­ous tumor:

Micro­scopic exam­i­na­tion of liv­ing tissue

Pain in a joint

Instru­ment to view the eye

A platelet

Part of a cell where for­ma­tion of pro­teins occurs

High level of sugar in the blood

Inci­sion of a bone

Abnor­mal con­di­tion of the kidney

Per­tain­ing to through the liver

Study of cells

Inflam­ma­tion of the nose

Abnor­mal con­di­tion of the mind

Blood is held back from an area

A disk

Struc­ture in the trachea

A his­tol­o­gist studies


Adi­pose means per­tain­ing to

Allows mate­r­ial to pass into and out of the cell


Pain in the ear

Can­cer­ous tumor of bone marrow

X-ray record of the spinal cord


Instru­ment to record

An eosinophil is a(n)

Sur­gi­cal cre­ation of a per­ma­nent open­ing to the out­side of the body

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