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Q: What is ClaimDx?

A: ClaimDx is an all-in-one Prac­tice Man­age­ment, Sched­ul­ing and Billing soft­ware sys­tem for small to medium sized health­care offices of all spe­cial­ties. Devel­oped by an indus­try expert, Claimdx uses a state-of-the-art pro­gram­ming engine, ClaimDx is designed to be fast,user-friendly and very affordable.

Q: Do I need to know a lot about com­put­ers to use ClaimDx?

No. ClaimDx‘s intu­itive approach and user-friendly inter­face allows the user to quickly learn the ClaimDx soft­ware and become more pro­duc­tive regard­less of prior com­puter experience.

Q: Will we be required to pur­chase a service/maintenance contract?

A: ClaimDx offers annual main­te­nance con­tracts for toll-free tele­phone tech­ni­cal sup­port and prod­uct updates. While all users are encour­aged to have a main­te­nance con­tract, we do not require you to pur­chase one.

Q: I am a solo-practitioner, will ClaimDx ben­e­fit me?

Yes. Whether you‘re one doc­tor or part of a large prac­tice, ClaimDx can ben­e­fit you by increas­ing effi­ciency and reduc­ing costs.

Q:I have a spe­cial­ized prac­tice, will ClaimDx meet my needs?

Yes. ClaimDx can be eas­ily cus­tomized for your med­ical spe­cialty mak­ing the setup and inte­gra­tion painless.

Q: Does ClaimDx sup­port elec­tronic data upload?

A: Yes, ClaimDx sup­ports upload­ing of text and images, such as x-rays directly from your workstations/ PC‘s/online with­out your reports/prescriptions ever touch­ing paper. Doc­u­ment upload is acces­si­ble at any point, through the Patients menu.

Q: Is the ClaimDx sys­tem a secure one, and can I con­trol who gets what access privileges?

A: Yes, each user has his or her own unique user name and pass­word to access ClaimDx. The admin­is­tra­tor can set indi­vid­ual user accounts for each user to access ClaimDx. If a user is no longer part of the com­pany, his or her log-in infor­ma­tion can be removed from the sys­tem immediately.

Q: Will I be able to access my patient infor­ma­tion remotely when I am at the hos­pi­tal etc…?

Yes. As long as you have access to the Inter­net, your patient’s infor­ma­tion can be accessed from any location.

 Q: Is hir­ing a tech­ni­cal staff required when pur­chas­ing a ClaimDx Sys­tem?

Most clin­ics do not need a ded­i­cated tech­ni­cal per­son but some clin­ics may decide oth­er­wise. Either way, it is impor­tant to assign a staff mem­ber for con­tact pur­poses, backup and maintenance.


Q: Can I cre­ate cus­tom office hours and visit types for my practice?

A: Yes, ClaimDx allows you to cus­tomize the prac­tice hours and physi­cian hours to suit the way your prac­tice oper­ates. ClaimDx also sup­ports the cre­ation of cus­tom visit types and color cod­ing of the visit types.

Q: Is it easy to re-schedule a patient, and can I sched­ule them with another resource?

A: Yes, it is very easy to re-schedule a patient, by can­cel­ing a pre­vi­ous appoint­ment and gen­er­at­ing a new one, select­ing any open day, time and resource. ClaimDx makes re-scheduling fast and easy, all from one screen.

Q: Can I book mul­ti­ple patients into one time slot?

A: Yes, Mul­ti­ple patients can be booked into a time slot. Time slots can also be cus­tomized to be any­where from 5 min­utes to 2 hours, per­mit­ting you to have as many patients as you would like booked per 5 minute time slot.

Q: Can I get a report of appoint­ments that have been cancelled?

 A: Yes, ClaimDx keeps a record of all appoint­ments that have been can­celled and a report can be printed out in the Reports menu.Â


Q: Does ClaimDx sup­port elec­tronic billing?

A: Yes, ClaimDx sup­ports both elec­tronic and CMS-1500 billing.


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