Health Care Consulting



Soft­ware, Prac­tice Man­age­ment, Insur­ance Reim­burse­ment, Rev­enue optimization


Soft­ware: Online by phone and On-site
Med­ical Billing/Coding: CPT-4, ICD-9 and Med­ical Insur­ance Claims Submission











On-Site: We come to you.
Remote: We bill from our location.




On-Site: Our cer­ti­fied coders can code from your office.
Remote: We can code from our location.


We col­lect out­stand­ing pay­ments due from patients and insur­ance carriers.





Flat Fee:
A monthly fee will be nego­ti­ated based on the vol­ume of patients seen on aver­age each month. The fee will be fixed for the length of the contract.

Per Claim:
A price is nego­ti­ated for each claim sub­mit­ted. Price is deter­mined by the aver­age num­ber of patients that are seen on a monthly basis. (The higher the vol­ume, the lower the price). Rejected or denied claims will be fol­lowed up at no addi­tional charge.

A per­cent­age is charged on the reim­bursed claims only dur­ing a period of time, usu­ally on a monthly basis.


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