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ClaimDxClaimDx was cre­ated by Rolando Rus­sell. After being in the med­ical field for over twenty years, he decided to develop soft­ware that is not only user friendly, but also inte­grates both In-patient and Out-patient ser­vices. With the expe­ri­ence gained in many of the aspects of the ever-growing med­ical indus­try, includ­ing in-patient, out-patient, emer­gency depart­ment, med­ical records and third-party reim­burse­ment, Mr. Rus­sell under­stands the dif­fi­culty faced by new­com­ers and estab­lished per­son­nel ven­tur­ing off into their own business.

As a pro­fes­sional coder, includ­ing the last 7 years as a health care con­sul­tant and med­ical billing and cod­ing instruc­tor, with a con­cen­tra­tion in ICD-9CM/CPT-4, pro­fes­sional and insti­tu­tional cod­ing and reim­burse­ment, he under­stands the com­pet­i­tive­ness of the indus­try and has there­fore decided to do what he has done for most of his life, give back. Just like he has been giv­ing back to his stu­dents and to any­one who would lend an ear, he has con­tin­ued to do so through his soft­ware, ClaimDx.

I remem­ber when I first started. I didn’t have the money to buy a billing pro­gram, but I wanted to do med­ical billing from home. I knew the busi­ness, but I just didn’t have the money to buy a decent soft­ware to get me started. So I put the busi­ness on hold until I could afford one. It took me a few years to save enough to buy a good billing soft­ware and the asso­ci­ated mate­ri­als, he is quoted as say­ing. Because of that, he has opted to offer his soft­ware at an afford­able price.  After all, it’s his.

I wish some­one would have done that for me when I was start­ing out. Since I have the oppor­tu­nity to do it, I am. Just because” Russell.

ClaimDx was devel­oped with the knowl­edge of some­one who has worked and seen the many changes that take place in the med­ical field. With that, it was cre­ated in a man­ner that allows the user to mold and shape the soft­ware to his or her lik­ing. It is ver­sa­tile, and usable for out-patient billing (Doctor’s office) as well as for in-patient or facil­ity billing (hos­pi­tal). Although it can be used for both aspects, it still main­tains an easy-feel and user friend­li­ness with help and guid­ance throughout.

The ClaimDx soft­ware is being offered  to any indi­vid­ual who has or has been think­ing of start­ing a med­ical billing com­pany, from home or office. Suc­cess hap­pens when oppor­tu­nity meets luck. I acknowl­edge your entre­pre­neur­ial ambi­tions and wish you good luck.

Mr. Rus­sell is a cre­den­tialed coder hold­ing sev­eral cer­ti­fi­ca­tions from accred­ited health care organizations.


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